Filming, events, production and performance studios for rent in Singapore. Performance Studios provide facilities for production of audio / video program, event, conference, seminar, advertisement and actual recording of the corporate event or individual / private event and etc.


Our Studios

Our filming studios are equipped with sound proofing and acoustic facility. We provide special effect lightings, spot lights, LED lights, aluminum truss, air condition ducting system (central aircon) and dubbing services. We are the only few filming studios in Singapore.

All our studios are accompanied with director’s room, recording room, make-up room, locker facilities, changing rooms, rest rooms (with shower area), common resting area, VIP resting area and reception. At Performance Studios, we allow different groups/scenes of shooting happening at the same time. We do provide venues for seminar, workshop and conference as well.

Performance Studios

provides rental of Studios in Singapore as well as Audio and Video Services.

Performance Showroom

provides rental of Showroom for advertising or other events to showcase on your Business products.

Safekeep Self Storage

provides rental of Storage Spaces which can be tailor to your needs. A 24 hours high security system to make sure your goods are in our good hands.

Safekeep Property

provides rental of Office and Warehouse Spaces that are affordable and we are also located near to expressway.

Our Facilities

We have various sizes of studios in our premise. Currently, we have 2 studios in operations. (We may increase the number of studios in our premise, as according to your requirement) Several programs that are filmed at our premises are already showing on the major TV channels in Singapore. Our studios sizes ranges from our studios' doors are wide enough for cars to drive through



  • Our Past Projects
  • Studio's Picture Gallery
  • Safe keep self storage
  • Performance Showroom
  • F&B

Our Past Projects

Studio's Picture Gallery

Safe keep self storage

Performance Showroom