Our studios size ranges from 3,500 - 6,800 sqft with a ceiling height of 9m. It is a rare find in Singapore to have such studio size with high ceiling. 

Acoustically treated for sound diffusion and reverberation absorption, it softens the standing waves, bringing our studios in compliance to international broadcasting standards, creating the best standards of environment for filming.

Several programs filmed at our premises are already showing on the major TV channels in Singapore. To add on, our studio doors are wide enough for cars to drive through! This allows more flexibility in changing our studio as an event space.









Events Venue

Our studio is also an ideal event space for both private and public events.

With such size and truss in our studios, the idea of holding any event at our space is infinite. We held events like lighting show, nightlife party, fashion shows, commercial shoots, seminars and are looking forward to holding more events.

No matter what kind of event you are organising, our studio will surely be the venue that you are looking for!


Email us at [email protected] or call us at 68442876 to book the venue with us now. 


Production Network

We have successfully built up a network among the related business companies, associate groups, artists and technicians.

In order to enhance the convenience, we would like to invite local and overseas media and arts related companies to set up their base/branch in our building. 

We hope to develop our dreams together and assists one another working towards the national standard as well as venturing into international market.

If you are interested in building your base in our building, email us at [email protected] or call us at 68442876.